Friday, April 20, 2012

FNM 4/20/12

Hey guys its Drew, Welcome! today i will be talking about my U/B control deck that I will be playing tonight. my goal to this build was to make something that could combat the very present esper build at the moment, in specific, Esper Planeswalkers as well as defeat other decks i will run into. Here is my list:
Land 27:
Darkslick shores 4
Drowned catacomb 4
Island 8
Swamp 7
Nephalia Drownyard 3
Ghost quarter 1

Creatures 7:
Snapcaster mage 4
Grave titan 2
consecrated sphinx 1

Enchantment 2:
curse of death's hold 2

Planeswalker 1:
liliana of the veil

Artifact 2:
Batterskull 2

Sorcery 2:

Black sun's zenith 2

Instant 19:

dissipate 2
Tragic slip 3
Go for the throat 3
tribute to hunger 1
forbidden alchemy 2
Think twice 4
Mana leak 4

Flashfreeze 2
dissipate 1
curse of death's hold 1
Bloodline keeper 1
Ghost quarter 2
nephalia drownyard 1
tribute to hunger 2
nihil spellbomb 1
Jace memory adept 1
Ratchet bomb 1
surgical extraction 1
massacre wurm 1

Okay so my deck features grave titans unlike many other u/b control decks. I find grave titan to have the stopping power to end most games once i have controled enough. leading up to a titan I counter spells and use kill spells to keep my self alive. Once i am at 5 mana my deck becomes very efficient with either a curse of death's hold or a batterskull. Curse of death's hold is very effective against any creature deck because it can clear tokens and significantly makes enemy creatures weaker. Batterskull is a powerhouse creature being a 4/4 vigilance lifelink it allows me to hold the line against attacking creatures and protect and raise my life total. If my enemy targets my batterskull with a kill spell I can pay 3 mana and return batterskull to my hand. Nephalia drownyard is a invaluable component to the deck. By being able to mill my opponent, I have another win condition which allows my deck to be more successful.
   My sideboard has the 4th copy of drownyards which allows me to mill my opponent if i am playing against another control deck. Bloodline keeper, the 3rd curse, massacre wurm and ratchet bomb are all used in a match up against tokens, tribute of hunger is to deal with thrun. Ghost quarter and flashfreezes are all useful against wolfrun, and surgical is universal. My deck is built to be very defensive until i can play a titan and switch to the offensive. U/B control is very fun to play and i will do a follow up tomorrow about my match ups and how i did! Thanks for reading, Drew.


  1. Oo, I've played against blue/black decks before, they're a pain in the ass unless you have something with islandwalk.

  2. Hey man, Nice work. I love your writing and deck building techs. Thanks alot.

  3. I agree with having the grave titans in your deck, they are useful to end games.

  4. Love control decks, this one seems like it would work well.

  5. looks solid to me but what do I know I'm not that good