Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Draft Tuesday

Welcome to draft Tuesday friends! Cal here, first Gatecrash pack I've seen here.

I've been so outta the metagame recently so this is a "going in blind" pack for me. Ill break it down and take the cards for their face value and their synergy within the pack.

So lets get started with the rare. My first reaction is, "not bad.. If there were some way to buff this, it could be pretty dangerous to some people." But looking at the other cards in the pack it just doesn't really work. although High Priest's ability is potentially very good, a 1/1 is just WAY to easy to be killed and while you get to destroy 1 of your opponents creatures/artifacts its just not worth it. I'd probably pass it. All in all id say this is a rather medium pack. My pick would be the foundry street denizen. With that card its a solid first pick for an aggro deck. The snapjaw, slaughterhorn, and shanktail seem decent enough filler cards if you are looking for creatures. If G/R is what you are going for the Primal visitation might not be bad. +3/+3 buff is not bad at all. Haste is good to although I doubt it will be relevant most time considering the card costs 5 mana.

Thats about all I can say about this pack. Again I've been out of the scene for awhile and I'm sure some of the criticisms were terrible. Next week will be better.

These next few days I am gonna go over some decks I will be looking at and breaking them down. Hopefully with some game-play too. I think filming so games off Cockatrice or something with the decks would be fun. Tell me what you guys think. Also tell me a bit about the pack if I missed anything.

One last thing. I am still looking for writers. If you are interested in having some fun writing an article or two per week for us, and receiving a bit of money please shoot an email to "Cal.Wooten95@gmail.com".

Best of luck to you guys, I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Born Again

Long time no see.... Cal here, I started rereading all of my old posts and I really pumped me up. For the past few weeks I've been looking to get back into magic. Just today I decided I would like to start the blog up again. It was a lot of work... but it was fun as hell. I was looking to go to prerelease yesterday so I could have some content., but alas I could not. So this article is basically just a catch up for you guys and where I want to take this page. Also I would like to discuss something that happened between Ryan, Drew, and I but I will save that for last. So lets start with some bullet points.

  • MtGO, Cockatrice game play with readers weekly! that's right, I want to play with you people!
  • New Media! I'm talking videos, podcasts, and everything in between. 
  • CONTENT. Lots more content  than before! Might start out slow until I get more writers.
  • More writers? Hopefully Ryan and Drew can return... But I think I want upwards of  5+ writers
Draft Tuesday will return starting tomorrow. Of course I haven't really looked at any gatecrash cards yet... so that will be interesting. I plan to talk about decks in the metagame I am looking to purchase/build upon for the next week or so seeing as I have no standard deck.

So thats pretty much the short/long term agenda. I go ahead and share with you guys what happened between Ryan and I.

I think it was sometime late November I called Ryan asking if I could swing by to grab a few of my cards he still had. As well as ask where he got a cord for his car that I was looking to get. Apparently, a few days prior someone had gone to his home and stolen his box of cards out of his truck. Something like $1700 worth, as well as the cord I had mentioned. So I met at his house and helped brainstorm possible scenarios or where they could be. I helped him check craigslist thinking maybe the criminal posted it on there trying to make some quick cash. I also advised him to file a police report. Which he never did. A few days later he and Drew came to my house and asked me if it was I who stole them. Of course I would never steal let alone from my friends. I understand why they thought it was me. It is a weird coincidence that I called asking about the 2 things missing. Although I am not quite dumb enough to call in and ask about an item I stole if I were to steal it. So I understand them coming over and talking to me. I figured that was it. Well apparently they didn't believe me and told everyone I took their cards. Dec.11 was  my birthday and I  got a message from Ryan saying "Happy birthday, what made you change your mind?" I had no idea what that meant so I asked him and he just gave me a ambiguous answer that didnt make any sense. A few weeks later my other bud told me that someone actually left his box of cards at his house on my birthday. Which first of all is incredibly lucky that Ryan received his cards back. Not to many people get their stuff back after it is stolen.

I don't hold any resentment towards Drew or Ryan, I'm a bit mad they still thought it was me even after talking to me about it. The only problem is I feel like they will hold this suspicion against me for nothing. I didn't take your cards. Nor would I ever.

Thats pretty much the tale. I'm sure I can get him back on board hopefully.. We will see how it goes. Anyway, thats all for right now. I hope to be taking this page MUCH further. Leave a comment if there is something new you would like to see. <3 Cal