Monday, April 9, 2012

Spoiler Season #1

Hey guys its Drew, today I will be talking about a couple of Avacyn Restored spoiler cards and some uses they might have in standard and limited play.
Avacyn Restored Spoiler - CloudshiftLet's start off with Cloud shift: W instant, "exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control". When I saw this I was instantly very excited, especially because it is a common. Picking up a playset of this card will be very easy. Okay so let's go over the uses for this card and why it is awesome. If your solemn simulacrum is tapped on the battlefield and your opponent is hitting you with a gravecrawler, you can play Cloudshift return your simulacrum to the battlefield, go fetch your basic land then block the gravecrawler because your simulacrum enters untapped, kill the gravecrawler, and your simulacrum then draw your card. This Venser like ability just keeps getting better as the game progresses, leading us to the next card of discussion, restoration angel.

Avacyn Restored Spoiler - Restoration AngelRestoration Angel has the same effect as Cloudshift but is a creature and a able blocker.  With flash this card can be played as a instant and used for the same purpose as Cloudshift with being a 3/4 flying creature in addition to the awesome ability. This card played on a titan can quickly become lethal and can serve as a excellent win condition. These two cards act as damage control being able to untap a creature at instant speed and kill one of your opponent's creatures if they aren't expecting the play. It can also be used to abuse the "when this creature enter's the battlefield" type abilities and capitalize on powerful abilities. I will definitely be picking up 4 copies of this card. Both of these cards are very playable in standard.
Avacyn Restored Spoiler - Temporal Mastery
Now lets talk about a  couple of blue cards. Temporal mastery is the most promising of the miracle effect cards in the spoilers so far. If top decked this card can save you from defeat. When played in a control deck, this card wouldn't be completely useless even when you have to pay the 5uu. This card reminds me of the Zendikar set card Lighthouse chronologist which when leveled up gave 2 turns every turn allowing you to win faster and cripple your opponent's defenses. I am not quite sure whether or not i like the new mechanic but there might be a good miracle card released in the spoilers later on.

Avacyn Restored Spoiler - WingcrafterWingcrafter also caught my eye when I was browsing the new cards today. I am liking the Soulbond mechanic a lot and I think it has potential. With Wingcrafter you essentially can make one of your more powerful creatures a flyer as well as get a 1/1 flyer with it. Though Wingcrafter is relatively easy to kill it could provide a edge early in the game in a haunted humans deck especially with bonded with a champion of the Parrish or mirran crusader. This card will see play in humans for sure and perhaps other decks. It is very promising and a one drop to play. It will be easy to acquire as it is a common.
That's all for today, be sure to follow and comment. I will be posting more about spoiler cards that catch my eye and have potential as they are released. Until next time, happy casting, Drew.


  1. pretty good reading here. thanks, i am going to ask in my local shop about some of these cards

  2. I have only played MTG when they did the game on the xbox but it was fun. I am curious is there a big learning curve in this game? Nice blog I am not trying to be rude but in the restoration angle text on the 7'th line down there is in when it looks like it should be if. Also what does it mean for that angle to be a 3/4 flying creature?

    1. yes, you will always improve as a player and your knowledge of the game by reading and watching people play a lot. a 3/4 flying means that it has 3 power and 4 toughness. 3 is how much damage it deals, and 4 is how much damage it takes to kill it.

  3. restoration angel seems pretty powerful

  4. If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to block with a creature, then be able to play angel and exile it before damage is dealt saving it from damage. Very useful.