Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Draft Tuesday #2!

Well, well, well looks like it's draft Tuesday once again. It's Cal and I'm here with a Dark Ascension pack chosen randomly, and oh look, we pulled a mythic rare! Mikaeus the Unhallowed decided to make an appearance. Now if you get the first pick in this one it is a solid pack lets get started.

 So the obvious card that everyone is gonna look at is Mikaeus. But I would lean more towards Markov Warlord seeing as it is godly in sealed. Mikaeus seems to be something that helps achieve a winning condition while Markov Warlord is a Winning condition itself. Both coming in at a 6 mana cost they both fit into the "Bombs" part of a sealed deck. Now Mikaeus does have some relevance in constructed (although he doesn't see a whole ton of play) He seems to be just a bit too large of a play for his impact, although his impact is relevant and strong, he is probably a secondary choice to Markov. Now lets say you get this pack and Markov is gone and Mikaeus would be a legitimate addition to you deck-in-progress, he is a very strong candidate.

So looking at the rest of the pack there are some pretty good fillers here. Midnight guard is a good filler for only 3 mana. Kessig recluse is a good option considering its deathtouch and reach although reach is not very useful in a DK/INN/INN draft. Another solid choice is the Gravetiller wurm which with it's morbid ability, your opponent could be staring down a 8/8 with trample, which is never fun.

So that's more or less that's the pack. So I'm thinking next week we should do an actual draft on Cockatrice. I'll get Ryan and Drew to get in and then whoever else wants to join. 8pm Central sound good? Next Tuesday just check the blog, and along with the normal draft Tuesday I'll post more info. Comment on here if you would be interested in the draft so we know how many spots to open. My Cockatrice name is Orflarg.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend. See you all soon!
<3 Cal.


  1. A 5/5 legendary is a little underwhelming, unless I'm missing something... I'm not sure what undying is though, I'll have to look it up.

    1. 5/5 Intimidate that gives all non-humans +1/+1 and undying. Undying means that when it dies it goes to the graveyard and if it does not have a +1/+1 counter on it, it returns to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter. It is a big threat with limited answers for you opponent based on the cards in Dark Ascension and Innistrad.

  2. Love the look of this pack!

  3. I might even learn how to play by reading you blog

  4. not my type of game but nevertheless, interesting