Sunday, April 8, 2012

Told You…. #3(By Ryan Clark )

Hello there. It’s Ryan again.  I’m going to keep this one short because I need to write it fast. Anyway, I found some more time relevant information about last my last article:
To start off, I’m just going to say… I WAS RIGHT!!!
But Why, Ryan? Why Were You Right?
At yesterday’s Des Moines, Iowa SCG open event, how many Delver deck do you think made top eight? How about one. That’s right. Only one deck PERIOD that played Delver made top eight and three in the top sixteen ( So what does this list mean? If you were named Brandon and played GR aggro you had a good shot at winning….
Or in reality GR aggro beats Delver. WE’RE ALL SAVED! NO MORE TALK OF BANNING!!!

Wait… Whaaaat? Wasn’t Delver the most played deck?
To put it simply, yes. But if it isn’t winning, does it matter?  What happened is that the people who played GR aggro saw what happened last week in Salt Lake City and realized that all they really had to do was beat Delver. There were many articles on that were titled just that, most of which pointing to RG aggro as the way to go. Think about it-- if you know what everyone’s going to play, doesn’t it make it that much easier to know what you should be?  After mono Red won two SCG Legacy opens in a row earlier this year, cards like Warmth and Leyline of Sanctiy became a must have if you expected to go far in the event, saying the popularity of the mono red deck due to its cost to build.
In Conclusion
I’m not trying to say don’t play Delver. It’s a good deck. It was just over hyped and now it’s seeing its decline that will keep it down for a few weeks. But don’t pout, it will be back along with the uproar to ban it.
Until next time I’m Ryan, may you never get mana screwed.


  1. I'll keep it in mind, thanks!

  2. I only just started playing MtG a few months ago... I prefer all-in decks like Ancient Depths, even though it sometimes ruins me haha.

  3. Amazing my friend I'll keep it in mind!