Saturday, March 31, 2012

FNM 3/30/12

Hey everyone. Got the results in from FNM last night. Overall I got 2nd place (winning me a very sparkly tectonic edge) and for my matches I went 3-1 and 6-5 games wise. Not to good I know. How did I get 2nd? That's a good question and I'll explain how I got it later on.
Round 1: Green Aggro
Game 1: First off I had to mull down to 6 with 4 lands in hand. I knew that if i mull'd again There would be no chance so I kept. He was able to get me down to about 6 with strangleroot geist and a few other 2-4 drops before I drew anything half decent. I ended up pulling a sun Titan but of course he immediately followed it up with a beast within. Game loss.
Game 2: This guy had Thruns on deck. So again he got me down to about 6-8 with his quick creatures, but I was able to drop Wurmcoil and gain a lot of life while bringing him down to 10. I had the wurmcoil tokens and a sun titan out as well as some tokens from timely reinforcements. He swung with everything (predator ooze at about 10/10 and two 2/2s) I blocked the ooze and his others with my soldier tokens killing them. At his 2nd main phase he dropped a Thrun as his only untapped creature and passed turn. I went straight into combat and swung with wurmcoil tokens and sun titan, and with sun titans triggered ability I target a phantasmal image in my grave and brought it back copying thrun opening up 12 damage winning me the match. Game Win
Game 3: For some reason on this game I made a bunch of play errors, but I was able to control him down and bring him to about 8 life. I dropped a Sphinx and my next turn I got him down to 4. He had an Inkmoth which could have bought him a few more turns if I hadn't Top deck'd and Elesh Norn to put his Inkmoth out of commission. Game Win.
Round 2: R/W aggro                           (I'll try and make the reports a little less lengthy)
Game 1: This guy started off with a reckless waif which as a turn 1 drop is not fun against control. He ended up hitting me with 2 waifs and a 3/3 stormblood until I dropped Wurmcoil which was able to save as I quickly climbed up to the upper 20's in life. Game Win.
Game 2: This was a fast game. I had to mull down to 6 and he went ahead and dropped two reckless waifs and two stormbloods before I could get 3 mana. Game loss.
Game 3: Same as last game turn 3 he got out two stormbloods and two reckless waifs, but this time I was ready (kinda). He was able to get me down to 1... thats right 1 life before I was able to Day of judgement killing everything except his Koth. I then followed it up my next turn with a Wurmcoil again shooting my life total up. Thanks Wurmcoil <3. Game Win.
Round 3: B/R Zombie vampires?
Game 1: Lets just say Falkenrath aristocrat x2. I tried to image it and stall him, but he was to quick. He also red suns zenith'd me for 7. Game Loss.
Game 2: This game was annoying... He had me where no matter what I did I was gonna lose at least 5-7 life per turn. Two Geralfs messengers? And all I got is a day of judgement.... I'll pass. Game loss. :'(
Round 4: Esper Planeswalker control
This was an incredibly even match-up and lasted a solid hour. Before this round began I was ranked 5th and he was ranked 3rd. The person who was 4th had already played him so I guess I lucked out.
Game 1: Standoff until both of us had over 10 mana... we were both to scared to play anything. He ended up resolving a grave titan...ouch. My turn I imaged his titan. His turn tragic slip...(made me sac Image) followed with an Elesh Norn. Swung for 16. Game loss.
Game 2: Again, almost nothing resolved but  I was able to get out a Wurmcoil, which he promptly killed, and Then I resolved an Elesh Norn pumping my Wurms up enough for the game. Game Win.
Game 3: This game was very similar to both previous games and the only notable thing was my win condition. He O-ringed a sun titan of mine and had a Liliana of the veil up at 2.  I O-ringed his O-ring bringing back my sun Titan. He used Liliana's -2 (killing her) to force me to sac but I played a snapcaster before her ability resolved and sac'd him instead. Sun titan finished him off. Game win.

I'd like to make Wurmcoil engine the creature of the week because he saved my ass quite a bit. It was a great FNM and I had loads of fun. I also just recently found out about standard PTQ happening in Dallas so I'm for sure hitting that up, as well as a Grand Prix in San Antonio in a few months. If you guys have any questions/suggestions just leave a comment.
Thanks for reading guys, see you all next week.


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